Arts Learning Resources

Arts Lesson Level 01 "Picturing Place" Visual Arts
Arts Lesson Level 02 "How it got its Name" Drama
Arts Lesson Level 03 "Impressions" Music
Arts Lesson Level 04 "Place Name" Creative Writing

There are no associated student worksheets for these Arts lessons. With appropriate adjustment of these four activities could be applied at any of the four levels as they utilise four different types of arts activity.

The breadth of activity in creative and visual arts curricula offers scope for a diverse series of lesson plans and suggested activities.

Drama, creative writing, music and visual arts all lend themselves to the exploration of themes discovered through consideration of place, the naming of places and, of course, the resonance of the names themselves.

"Plays about..." and "songs about..." are options, so too are visual arts tasks such as designing a stamp, poster, coin or banknote.