Science Learning Resources

Science Lesson Level 01 "Maps and Mapping" Student Worksheet Level 01
Science Lesson Level 02 "Investigating Place "Student Worksheet Level 02

Two Lessons are described. The depth of inquiry and complexity of the work in either case is sufficiently variable to suggest that all four levels could enjoy and derive value from both challenges.

In both cases maps are the basis for inquiry. Maps - As a resource used in the exercise or as examples of what a map should be - can be downloaded without charge from the cited websites. Students can either be directed to these websites or given printouts, depending on classroom resources.

The science curriculum’s relevance to place names clearly relates to mapping. The names on maps, and the need to change place names as places change, relate to topics such as ecology and geology by referencing alterations in the use and settlement of the land.

Science-related tasks, perhaps more than activities in other areas, depend on available facilities and equipment: map-making can be a sophisticated exercise, even in schools, if GPS equipment and appropriate computer software is available.

It is assumed that schools where these resources are available will have invested in them in order to bring them into the curriculum and can, therefore, extend the ideas outlined here so as to take advantage of available resources. The description of activities below does not assume possession of any map-making equipment.

Making maps could be an absorbing activity for students who are taking a special interest in science subjects. Geological mapping, climate mapping and photo-mapping could feature; simplifying the task and relating it to a student’s immediate locality will serve as a stimulating introduction to mapping as well as introducing a greater depth of understanding about the place where the student lives.