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SOSE Lesson Level 01 "Placename Quiz" Student Worksheet Level 01
SOSE Lesson Level 02 "The Explorers"Student Worksheet Level 02
SOSE Lesson Level 03 "Mapping the Expedition" Student Worksheet Level 03
SOSE Lesson Level 04 "What’s in a Name?" Student Worksheet Level 04

Whilst, across Australia, various topic names are SOSE – Study of Society and its Environment, for the purposes of developing appropriate material for our present purpose, can be taken to refer broadly to geography and history.

Both of these have clear and fruitful relevance to the topic of geographic place names. History, for example, has the same direct and indirect associations that were earlier noted in considering English: directly there is investigation of the history of the name of a place – the name of the place where the student lives obviously, town or street. Why was it given that name? Who was that person or other reason?

Indirectly, many place names across Australia derive from remembrance of historical events and personages. But whilst the street commemorates, what is being remembered is largely forgotten. How many secondary school students know that Inkerman was a battle in the Crimea, or Catchpole a famous footballer?

Setting challenges to find place names – perhaps a number to solve a puzzle, and all to be located by map references – has an obvious value in the study of geography.