GDA94 - DatumTran Transformation Software

DatumTran transforms ASCII data files of grid coordinates or geographic positions (typical GIS data files) between known common Australian geodetic datums: AGD84/AGD66 to GDA94 and between MGA, AMG or ISG coordinates.

The program provides a step by step process to transforming the positional data held within a file from one datum to another by creating a file identical to the original, but with coordinates on the new datum.

The program uses the national grid models for AGD66 to GDA94 (A66 National (13.09.01).gsb) or AGD84 to GDA94 (National A84 (02.07.01).gsb). The program uses an iterative process for the reverse transformation.

The program transforms MapInfo MIF/MID files, ARC Export E00 and Arc Ungererate files, AutoCad DXF files, Well Known Text (WKT) files, GENAMAP export (not binary) EE files, EXCEL CSV (comma separated variables) and text files.

Please note: A buffer limit within this version limits the number of characters in a line of text to 300. Any characters beyond this will be lost in the transformation.

DatumTran was developed by the NSW Government Land and Property Information and is available free as a CD ROM by contacting or by downloading directly from their website .