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GDA2020 Implementation Update

September 2017

Release of GDA2020

A vital component of the GDA2020 release is the national NTv2 distortion grid to transform between GDA94 and GDA2020. The challenging task of appropriately modelling the distortion across the highly variable spatial distribution evident in jurisdiction survey control networks has required a bespoke solution, and this is nearing completion.

For further information see this article in Spatial Source: ICSM Chair Michael Giudici provides an update on the modernisation of Australia’s Datum.

GDA2020 Technical Manual available

The first version of the GDA2020 Technical Manual is now available and has been provided to the National Measurement Institute as part of discussions relating to the final gazetting of GDA2020 as the new Recognised Value Standard of Measurement of Position.

GDA2020 Forum

Future updates will provide information on the release of GDA2020 technical products. In the interim, the online GDA2020 Forum and expert user community is available to assist practitioners in considering implementation plans for their organisations and clients.

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