The Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping’s (ICSM) role is to provide leadership, coordination and standards for surveying, mapping/charting and national datasets

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  • Geodesy

    Geodesy provides the positional framework for all surveying, mapping and geographic information applications in Australia.

  • Cadastre

    Australia and New Zealand’s land and property boundaries.

  • Cadastre 2034

    Cadastre 2034 will guide the evolution of jurisdictional systems and ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to future policies, legislation, standards, models and research; and provide clear direction for the sector as a whole.

  • Addressing

    Providing leadership in assigning addresses, naming of roads, and defining localities. This includes setting related standards, developing addressing guidelines, and promoting systems for the efficient interchange and sharing of address data.

  • Mapping & Charts

    The Permanent Committee on Topographic Information (PCTI) was established in recognition of the long-term, on-going need for a coordinated approach to topographic data collection, management and delivery.

  • Place Names

    Coordinates and communicates the consistent use of place names to ensure they meet the requirements of the whole community, including government bodies and emergency services.

  • Tides & Mean Sea Level

    Coordinates national databases of tidal records; as well as developing national standards and best practice guidelines for tides and mean sea level related matters.


  • Geocentric Datum Of Australia Technical Manual

    The latest version of the GDA94 Technical Manual has been released. In the 8 years since the Technical Manual was last updated there have been changes to the Australia Fiducial Network (AFN) gazettal values as well as advances in AUSGeoid and the International Terrestrial Reference System and Frame.

  • Australian Coastal Vertical Datum Transformation (AusCoastVDT) Software

    Grid file updated 20 March 2015
    The AusCoastVDT is an easy to use vertical datum transformation tool applicable to the Australian coast. The tool includes transformations between data referenced to the GRS80 ellipsoid (realised through GDA94) and other vertical datums of user interest .

  • Cadastre 2034 Strategy Released

    ICSM launched the final version of Cadastre 2034 at Locate 15 in Brisbane. We would like to thank all contributors to the consultation document, which helped to form the Strategy.