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  • Addressing 2035 Strategy

    The Addressing Working Group has developed “Addressing 2035”, a strategy which defines a vision and roadmap to deliver a

  • SP9 Australian Tides Manual Version 6, June 2021
    The original Special Publications 9 Handbook – The Australian Tides Manual – was published in 1984 and has been revised several times. In the twenty years since it was published, there have been a number of changes in measurement technology, communications and procedure, which now makes a new version of SP9 necessary
  • Upgrades to the Australian Geospatial Reference System
    In anticipation for the growing use and reliance on positioning technology, the Geodesy Working Group is leading the upgrade of a number of elements of Australia’s Geospatial Reference System including the static datum, the introduction of a time dependent reference frame, improved geodetic infrastructure and standards development to improve access and efficiency of geodetic data.

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