3D Cadastral Survey Data Exchange Program

This program aims to create a widely adopted standard across Australia and New Zealand for exchanging digital cadastral survey information between the survey industry and government land administration agencies.

With support from the Spatial Information Council (ANZLIC), ICSM’s land administration agencies are working together to develop a 3D Cadastral Survey Data Model (3DCSDM) and suitable exchange mechanism.

The 3DCSDM is a harmonised data model that accurately represents all aspects of cadastral survey datasets (including 3D) required by the nine land administration authorities in Australia and New Zealand. 

The cadastral survey datasets incorporate the information that would typically be provided to a land administration agency in the form of a ‘survey plan’. 

ICSM is looking to adopt the model and exchange mechanism as the future framework for implementation by jurisdictions.  Implementation will be up to individual jurisdictions. 

This work is intended to ultimately enable cadastral systems to be maintained through a fully digital supply chain.  This includes enabling surveyors who already operate with digital data daily to efficiently provide the information for lodgement in a digital package.

The 3DCSDM project of 2021-2022 developed a conceptual and logical cadastral data model, and a recommendation for the encoding standard.


Reference Implementation Project 2023

The primary objective of the next project is to exercise the model and encoding standard by developing a reference implementation of the model using JSON as the encoding mechanism.  The project will involve close engagement with survey software providers to help ensure that the solution can be implemented consistently throughout all jurisdictions.

ICSM is planning to have a contractor for the project engaged early in 2023 and will publish the 3DCSDM and related reports at that time.