Metadata Working Group

On the 13th June 2018, the Metadata Working Group (MDWG) was re-established by request of the ANZLIC – the Spatial Information Council (ANZLIC) and the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM).

The working group will support a wider understanding and consistent application of location information metadata, based on agreed standards.

Links to videos

Metadata: What is it, and why is it so important ?

Fit for purpose metadata… Why do we need it?

Preparing metadata for GDA2020 and the AGRS

This document provides information about upgrades to the AGRS, recommendation on how to record it in the metadata and a number of examples covering common use cases. Contact for more information and feedback.


  Meeting #8 Presentations and Report
1 Meeting outline and outcomes - Irina Bastrakova
2 ISO and OGC Standards Update - Chris Body
3 General metadata standards - Simon Cox, Adam Shepherd
4 Standards for data quality @ ISO/TC211 - Dr Ivana Ivánová

Update on publication of ISO Code lists

6 NAA - ANZLIC ICSM Metadata working group presentation - Marco Wallenius
7 ANZ MDWG Roadmap v2 - requirements and progress
8 Development metadata community profiles
9 Minutes of meeting #8

Link to Reference documents and previous meeting reports and presentations


Terms of Reference

  • Actively monitor and assess the impact of future changes to metadata standards, in order to advise ANZLIC on policy impacts and stakeholders on the scale and impact of technical changes, through the managed knowledge of current national capabilities in metadata.
  • Create and maintain a roadmap documenting what the MDWG is going to undertake and when.
  • Develop, and manage a series of best practice resources (profiles, applications, websites (ANZLIC and ICSM), FAQs, models) to assist both general and technical audiences in understanding, implementing and managing the latest versions of metadata standards.
  • Engage with interested industry organisations (SIBA, ESRI, etc.) to communicate working group developments and directions.
  • Provide advice to spatial communities on the value, implementation and management of metadata and associated systems.
  • Provide a forum for metadata custodians to share and exchange knowledge related to implementing, maintaining and updating metadata frameworks.
  • Provide a forum for inward and outward communication between international (ISO and OGC peak bodies), other interest groups (Australian Government Linked Data Working Group, GeoNetwork community of practice etc.) to inform and seek feedback from core foundation spatial data custodians.
  • Govern associated metadata tools, models, vocabularies, and resources, which are published on by ICSM and or ANZLIC.
  • Report to ICSM and ANZLIC on key activities, and metadata developments.