ICSM maintains a five year Strategic Plan which it reviews every two years when a new Chairman is appointed.  The current ICSM Strategic Framework and Action Plan, that outlines the work program for our Permanent Committees and Working Groups.  As part of the Strategic Framework, we also have an Operating Framework.

Who are We

The Intergovernmental Committee on Survey and Mapping and is made up of representatives from all the Australian States, Territories, the Commonwealth and New Zealand.  Members are responsible for government surveying and mapping functions in their jurisdiction.


Our vision is national land and marine spatial infrastructure providing sustainable benefits for Australians and New Zealanders.

ICSM’s Role

Our role is to provide leadership, coordination and standards for assembling, delivering and maintaining national framework datasets, including:

  • topographic
  • geodetic
  • cadastral
  • tides and sea level
  • geographical names
  • street addressing

Key Stakeholders

Our key stakeholders include:

  • ANZLIC – the Spatial Information Council
  • Geoscape (formerly PSMA - Public Sector Mapping Agencies)
  • jurisdictional governments
  • national spatial professional and business associations

Our Objectives

We work towards achieving the following:

  • Public understanding of, and confidence in, location information
  • A globally competitive spatial industry
  • Better decisions resulting from use of spatial infrastructure
  • Fundamental spatial datasets, which are critical to the economy, the community and the environment, are authoritative