Geodesy provides the positional framework for all surveying, mapping and geographic information applications in Australia.

Within ICSM, a Committee of technical specialists from each of its jurisdictions, the ICSM Permanent Committee on Geodesy, coordinates geodetic projects across Australia and assists ICSM to meet its objectives. New Zealand is a member and both countries derive benefit from the cooperation and exchange of information provided in the Permanent Committee on Geodesy.

Terms of Reference

Geodesy Working Group Vision

Our vision is an accurate geospatial reference system (GRS) that is accessible, and enables the efficient use of geospatial information to support economic growth, environmental sustainability and social prosperity across Australia and New Zealand.

Geodesy Working Group Mission

The provision of an accurate geospatial reference system or GRS that:

  • is mathematically connected to and contributes to the global reference system such as the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF);
  • enables spatial consistency between diverse geospatial datasets; and
  • enables spatial consistency over time for datasets relating to physical environment.


Membership will be formed from:

  • Representatives from each ICSM jurisdiction, and
  • Invited academic representative.

The business of the group will be carried out under the permanent Chair of Geodesy in Geoscience Australia, who will also provide the executive support to the Committee.

Members may, with the agreement of the Chair, invite observers to meetings in order to provide specialist advice on specific issues. Observers may speak on specific issues when invited, but input will normally be through the respective member.

Observers may be invited to attend regular meetings if long term items remain on the agenda.


The role of the ICSM Geodesy Working Group is to:

  • Address action issues referred to the Group by ICSM.
  • Identify issues and propose possible solutions for consideration by ICSM.
  • Coordination, development and maintenance of geodetic infrastructures.
  • Coordination, preparation and update of technical publications.
  • Coordination of efficient dissemination of Geodetic information.


The Geodesy Working Group will conduct at least one face to face meeting each year.

Most business would be undertaken by correspondence and teleconferences held as required.


Minutes of the meetings will be circulated to ICSM Executive Officer, all Permanent Committee on Geodesy representatives and observers.

A report from the Committee is to be prepared for each ICSM meeting. This should address all action issues referred to the Group and suggestions for forward policy directions and work program for consideration by ICSM.

Contact list of GWG members